In this article, you will learn how to use GIFs in order to boost your revenue and make your business more successful. We’ll go through several topics – FB ads, landing pages, product pages, social media marketing, email marketing and blog posts. Being an e-commerce entrepreneur your constant challenge is how to increase sales. They are vital for the success of your business, so let’s get going.

GIFs for FB Ads

If you aren’t sure how Fb ads algorithm ranks your ads do something about it, because it’ll help you build your creatives. In summary, you compete with other merchants for the FB audience and in order to place your ad in front of its many users, FB needs to know that your ad has a high “Total Value”. Total value is the sum of the “Advertiser bid” + “Estimated Action rates” + “User Value”


Let’s focus on the “Estimated Action rates”. “Estimated Action rates” depends on many things but one of them is the ad creative. Part of the creative is the image, video or GIF that you’ll use. If you wonder how to build a great FB ad creative click on the link. The main thing that GIF will help you with is to communicate clearly the use of your product. Consider the example below from Huffington Post

In seconds your target user can understand what the product is and how to use it. FB ads algorithm will rank it higher and will boost the “Estimated Action rates” together with the “Total Value” of your ad.

GIFs for Landing Pages

Your landing page is essential for a sale. Here you can find several tips on how to build an effective one. A GIF can help you grab the attention of your potential customer and show him in an easy way why your product will bring value to him. Moreover, you can see that FB tracks the “User Value”. This section measures how the user reacts after they click on an ad. FB can’t measure how the user feels but can see if the user clicked on the ad and then immediately closes the landing page you’ve already opened. If this is the case the “User Value” will decrease and this will lead to smaller “Total Value” for your ad

GIFs for Product Pages 

Product page is essential on how you present your product. How to build a highly converting product page is mastery and GIFs can really help. The young generation comprehends a lot easier something that is visually presented than just a text description. Check how Dell did it:)

“Millenials say Gifs communicate their thoughts better than English” TIME Magazine Link   

GIFs for Social Media Marketing 

On average, the engagement rate for a post with a GIF increases 20% for a B2C brand and 10% for a B2B brand.” Insightpool Link

One brand that is killing it on social media using GIFs is The Great British Bake Off 

We were happily surprised that when we started to do GIFs, they got even higher engagement,” said Luke Oppliger, director of social content at Resource/Ammirati, in an interview with Adweek. “We typically get a few hundred retweets and favorites, but we are seeing GIFs in the thousands.” Link

GIFs for Email Marketing 

“100% increase in both conversation rate & revenue for an email marketing campaign when GIF is used”  Dell Case Study Link

GIFs can be truly powerful for your email marketing as they can show your products in a very effective and eye-catching way. See how Amazon is doing it below. 

GIF Black Friday Amazon

Source: mailbakery

GIFs for your Blog Posts 

Shopify is using GIFs in almost every blog post they have. This is one of the most recent ones: Side Hustles: How to Find Yours and Make an Extra $1,000 A Month (And More) and there you can see the small GIF they use in order to send the reader’s attention to the section where she should press the “Get the free reading list” button. 

GIF from Shopify

Source: Shopify

Another brand that is using GIFs heavily in its blog posts is Google. It uses the GIF below to better describe how something works. 

GIF by Google

Source: Google

Using GIFs in your articles can be very powerful but have in mind not to load your page with too many of them as they may decrease the loading speed of the article. 

In Conclusion

GIFs can really boost your sales if used properly for your FB ads, landing pages, product pages, social media marketing, email marketing and blog posts. Master them and you’ll experience an increase in your revenues for sure.

Thank you for reading so far. Hope this article will help you for a very successful Q4. If your store is powered by Shopify check our app PicAmaze that will bring your images to life for higher click through rate, engagement and conversions.