Why it’s important to know how to build great Facebook ad creative? It’s because Facebook is one of the most important channels to bring potential buyers to our Shopify stores. So how can you lure people from social media to come and check what you have to sell them? One way is by using ads on FB. Frankly, this is how most of the Shopify entrepreneurs bring traffic to their websites. And to be successful in using ads you should know:

In this article you’ll learn how to create profitable ads in two steps:

  1. A process you should consider in building a great Facebook ad creative
  2. An amazing example from a store generating millions of $ in revenue

A process you should consider in generating an amazing Facebook ad creative

Based on our previous article, you know that in order for an add to be considered well by the FB algorithm it should have:

  • Relevance score -> from at least 8 to 10
  • Click through rate -> 2% to 5% lowest

Moreover, your cost per click should be less than $1 because the only objective for an ad is to bring potential customers in a profitable way to your Shopify store.

Before you actually start to build your Facebook ad creative you must put yourself into your potential customer’s shoes and ask yourself 3 questions:

  1. What’s going to catch my attention?
  2. What’s going to make me stop scrolling?
  3. What’s going to make me click?

Then, here’s the 10 steps process Nate Schmidt is talking about in his video when creating a FB add:

  1. Who you are selling to?
  2. Why the users should be interested?
  3. Check what is working for others:
    • Find your competitors
    • Discover their FB pages and click on “Page Transparency” and then “Go to ads library”. Another way is to go here and add the name of the FB page
    • You’ll see all their active Facebook ad creatives.  Start questioning why some of them are successful. Consider successful the ones that are life for more than several days.
      1. Are they using an image, Gif or video?
      2. Message? What is it?  
      3. What is the hook?
    • Set your Facebook in such a way that it shows all the niche ads so you can get inspired. Do it buy going to Settings -> Your Facebook Information -> Access Your Information -> Ads -> Ads Interest  
  1. Do more product and market research:
    • Search in Google
    • Go to Amazon and check the reviews if they have similar products. Reviews can really give you insight about why users buy this product and what benefits they see
    • Check Reddit
  1. Create a list of potential benefits/angles on how to describe your product
  2. Put all your content together. Organize all the photos, videos, texts, files, etc in a single folder.
  3. Make a list of potential styles of ad creatives. For example:
    • Attractive images
    • Gifs
    • Videos
    • Slideshows
  1. Decide on an angle + style of the ad and model it after a competitor
  2. Write the ad message -> be short and try to answer “Why should I care?” to click on the FB ad. Have a call to action and something to give – like a discount.
  3. Test a lot. Have a daily budget and test. Change content, message or style of writing and just test. Don’t give up until you find the most profitable ad.

 Thanks once again to Nate. Subscribe to his Youtube channel here 

An amazing example of Facebook ad creatives from a store generating millions of $ in revenue

Now we’ll see real examples of all that we talked about. It’s a case study done by Gabriel St-Germain and it’s amazing to see how with little changes in your FB ad creatives you can achieve great results. The store was created on 30th of April 2018 and was averaging 630,000 visitors per month for the last six months. The estimated revenue was about $945,000 per month. This case study was done more than a year ago on May 5th 2019. littlestyleshop.com was the website of the store but unfortunately it’s no longer available. The revenue comes mostly from a single product -> Posture CorrectorFacebook ad creative of posture corrector

The store design was average and all the traffic was coming from FB marketing. They were relentlessly testing ad variations by changing scroll stoppers, thumbnails, ad copies, and headlines. However, all of their ads were with videos. They stayed consistent by changing the scroll stoppers that appealed to different audiences. Let’s see it  below:

Facebook Add “Get Instant Posture Correction ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 50% OFF – Limited Time ONLY!”

What does the video show?

The video shows how people wear the posture corrector while washing dishes, working on a computer or training at the gym. Also they show an image of how our spine is under pressure and how we can wear it under our clothes. The video covers many topics that relate to different people. However, the scroll stoppers(images shown before the video starts) are the most effective.

Some examples below:
  • Their initial ads weren’t successful. They all consisted of stolen videos with not so catchy thumbnails. The ads were released to test the product at the end of July 2018. See more here

Facebook ad creative from stolen videos

  • Most people would have stopped, thinking that their product wasn’t good, but they persisted. They created another ad with different thumbnail and their own video content several days later. Then the first breakthrough came. They got 16k likes and an amazing engagement.

FB ad with their own video content

  • After running variations of the successful ad, they started testing new things again on August 18th. They added different thumbnails like the woman  and the man below. The result was OK (3k likes) but not amazing as before

FB ad with different thumbnail

  • On August 19th just a day later they started testing a different video with a different scroll stopper (it’s the first 1-2 seconds of the video) You can see that it is the same guy but they changed it from working on a computer to staying up with red tee.

FB ad with different scroll stopper

  • Later they started scaling by testing slight changes. What is the pic above showing us? -> how the guy in the right is with the not so saturated red tee. Now check the pic below that has 50k likes just because they switched the colors:) They made many other similar changes in their Facebook ad creatives (see the guy with the shirt – same thing)

Example of FB ad with small correctionsFB ad with a small posture correction

  • On September 8th they launched the same ad with different thumbnail and scroll stopper – a very vivid animation. Initially they got around 20k likes

Facebook ad creative with very vivid animation

  • After that, they scaled it and got 177k likes which was massive

FB ad with 177k likes

  • By the end of September they were testing again with a different thumbnail and scroll stopper

FB ad with different thumbnail

Why did they succeed?

They continued  changing texts, videos, thumbnails and scroll stoppers in order to achieve sales of up to $1 million per month. The entire great video on this case study can be watched here. Some of their ads can still be watched on these links:


That was it, people. Thank you for reading and hope you found valuable lessons to use in building your Facebook ad creatives.

Facebook ad creative done with PicAmaze

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