Why is it so important to know how to build a high converting product page? It’s because product pages are your sales pages. Their main goal is to sell. Unfortunately, the average conversion rate for a Shopify store is just 1.4% on desktop. For mobile, it’s even less -> 0.9%. However, this average includes all the pages in a store (incl. Blog posts, collections). Therefore the product page must have a higher percentage.

Today you’ll learn how to build a high converting product page that will generate you higher revenue.

To start with, let’s imagine you’re going out on a first date. You want everything to be ideal. Perfect restaurant, perfect meal, perfect conversation, you’re also perfectly dressed and you’ve invested a lot of time to make a great first impression. Consider now that you’ve invested so much and the person you go out with behaves like a jerk – picks their nose, swears, burps, and is dressed inappropriately. Would you consider going out again with such an individual? Probably, not! It’s the same with your product page. That first impression sticks. It’s the first thing the user sees from you (if we don’t consider the ad that brought the person to your store). That is why you must present yourself in the best possible way -> high-quality images, impeccable & informative descriptions of the product, reviews for social proof, etc. Below is a screenshot from a video Alexander Polischuk made on creating a high converting product page.

High converting product page structure

Real life example

To make it even easier, let’s take as an example a product page from AllBirds and go through the 8 points above:

  1. Product image ->

    They have amazing high-resolution images showing their shoe from all possible angles. Additionally, they’ve added the option to increase the size of the images. All this provides the buyer with the info needed regarding how it looks. It immediately sends a message of high-quality productHigh resolution images from Allbirds

  2. Product title ->

    “Men’s Wool Runner-up Mizzles” – from the text you get straight away that the shoe is made of wool, will be comfortable (runner), and will be suitable for rainy days (mizzle). The title describes in a very concise way what you want to know about the product that you can’t understand directly from the high-quality images

  3. Price + variations ->

    Both are very clear and visible. Even better, if you select a different colour, the images of the shoes are immediately changed to the chosen colour. Of course it would be great if there was a discount but most legit stores don’t do it often. However, if you are building a dropshipping store it’s better to show your price as discounted.Price and variations from Allbirds

  4. The Hook ->

    In the Allbirds case the hook is the entire journey on the products page. It’s not a specific short text. To show concrete example let’s see two other pages from different Shopify stores

    1. Hardgraft – it’s the “Timeless, well-maid and resourceful” text in greenText as a hook
    2. BioLite – it’s “Portable, Wood Cooking System”Text hook for a high converting product page
  5. Benefits ->

    You can find texts all over the page describing how your feet will feel. Benefits are different from features. Here you want to tell the customer on your Shopify store how your product will improve his life and how it will make him feel.

  6. Text with images and Gifs ->

    Here’s where they’ve done an amazing job. First, they have a video of a person wearing the shoes and then they have a journey combining specific images with specific text. Even better is that the video starts automatically, one doesn’t have to click on it. It’s proven that gifs or videos increase time on page and decrease bounce rate.Video for a high converting product pageVivid expanation for a high converting product page

  7. Trust badge ->

    In the Allbirds case there is no specific badge but everything looks trustworthy, and then you have “Free shipping & 30 day returns, no questions asked”. This guarantees to customers that even if they don’t like the product they can return it later. Even better, many people are not sure whether this is the right product for them, but by seeing the easy return policy they can simply tell themselves “If I don’t like the shoes, I can simply return them” and just buy the Allbirds. Another thing that is super important and is taken for granted is the SSL certificate for your web domain. If you don’t have it, many browsers will warn the customer of potential thread and won’t automatically open your Shopify store.Free shipping for a high converting product page

Reviews -> important!

They further boost the trust factor. Allbirds have done it in an amazing way. At the bottom of the product page, the journey ends with reviews that further reassure the customer. It would have been even better if next to the name of the reviewer there was a picture of the person.  Feedback form from Allbirds

To conclude with

Let’s end with another interesting perspective on how you should build your product pages. In one of his videos Jack Kitchener says: start asking questions that your customers will have and have the answers on your page. 

Wish you many sales and satisfied customers!

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Animated image for a high converting product page