Do you wonder how to get higher engagement for your social media posts? Whether it’s FB, Instagram or Twitter the results are the same – not a single like or just a bunch. You feel out of ideas and a bit desperate. Don’t loose faith. It’s а journey. Things happen for you not to you. Here we will share a strategy that will deliver higher engagement for your social media posts. It will do so because it will position you differently in the eyes of your customers.

Millenials say GIFs communicate their thoughts better than EnglishTIME Magazine

The above says it all. Visuals nowadays are more important than text because it is way more powerful to communicate what is valuable using GIFs or videos. The young generation is used to it and they don’t have the patience to read text in sentences anymore. However, if you do a creative that is visually appearing it will lead to some tremendous results. Let’s see some examples:

Higher engagement for your social media posts on Facebook:


Taka Machi the founder of Japaneed told us:

I think this is because the amount of information in a narrow range increases. People see images rather than letters. I don’t think people who don’t buy it will read it even if they put a description after the image. However, you can convey that information by putting it in an image.”

It works way better if you send the right messages in an animated form using videos or GIFs than just simply write a text explaining about the product.

Higher engagement for your social media posts on Instagram:

Instagram currently is more popular than FB even especially for the younger generation and thus it’s really valuable if you can build a following there. Branding here must be very visual. We’ll share a post for VinoKilo. They just announce their #THENEWNEW rebranding and we made for them a custom effect which you can see by playing the post below.



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#THENEWNEW is about … great design

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Higher engagement for your social media posts on Twitter:

How to get higher engagement for your social media posts on Twitter is similar. Let’s see the post below. Instead of explaining in a written text for that the dress is made in the UK you can animate it for a stronger message.

Twitter is the king of GIFs.

A study of 3.7 million accounts showed that Tweets with a GIF gained 55% more engagement than those withoutТwitter Internal Data

In Conclusion

Think about your branding and targeted audience. Be consistent with it and it will pay of. Nowadays, animations and different video formats is what rule social media. Thus, in order to get higher engagement for your social media posts you have to master what is needed to animate your posts. If your store is powered by Shopify check our app PicAmaze that will bring your images to life for higher click through rate, engagement and conversions. It will make your life easier and will allow you to make stunning visuals for your products’ images in GIF or MP4 formats.

Hope you found the above valuable, wishing you a successful Q4 and if you want you can subscribe below to receive more articles like this.