This month’s FB ads strategy comes from the Beast of Ecom. This strategy helped him grow his Shopify store from $0 to $9000 per day in revenue in just 7 days. The whole video can be watched here.


FB ads strategy Beast of Ecom

You need to have the right product but when it comes to FB ads strategy lets dive deep into this month’s one. It starts with one campaign called website conversion purchase campaign (wc-pur). It consists of eight ad sets.

Ad sets

Four of them will be targeting the USA market, four will be Targeting ExUSA (UK, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Holland, Canada, Australia). Then each ad set has a different interest. Lets name them dog(1), cat(2), rabbit(3), horse(4). For both USA & ExUSA we have the same four interests. The reason why Beast of Ecom is doing it this way is that some of these audiences will work for the USA and some won’t. Some will be highly pricey. What he saw recently is that if you don’t split them into USA & xXUSA and put them into one campaign your CPM will be higher. Then let’s go to the creatives.


Fb ad creative

Each ad set has 2 FB ad creatives and the same video is used for all. The difference between the 2 creatives is the thumbnail . Beast of Ecom changes just the thumbnail for better results of its FB ads. However, it’s OK to change the ad copy but then keep the thumbnail the same. Thumbnail is the picture shown on the video before it starts. The image below shows the thumbnails of 8 YouTube videos. Ad copy is the text. Our previous article on “Facebook Ad Creative – How to Build One” can help you a lot on building a great ad.



So what we have till now:

  • 1 website conversion purchase campaign
  • 8 ad sets (4 for USA & 4 for ExUSA)
  • 4 different interests (4 for USA & the same 4 for ExUSA)
  • 2 FB ad creatives (each ad set has the same two)

Run the campaign

Now it’s time to run the campaign and see how it performs. We have to keep it for 3 days and analyze how it performs. If it’s bad cut it but if there are 2-3 ad sets that are performing well we have to scale them.


ABO FB ads

What we’ll do now if we have a well working ad set is to take it and make with it a new ABO campaign. If the ad set is under the US with number 3 which is rabbit we will duplicate it 3 times. Then we will take the best ad creative and duplicate it 3 times under each of the 3 ad sets. We’ll set a budget of $100 dollars per day for each ad set which totals $300 daily for the Rabbit campaign. You can then do the same for the other ad sets that worked.

Final FB ads strategy

In summary, this is a very old school method of duplicating, using ABO and increasing budgets. We all know that CBOs are hot now but if they don’t work why not try ABOs.  You always have to test. As the Beast of Ecom says “Every single method works but not everything will work for you”.  Moreover, here‘s a nice discussion on understanding the difference between ABO & CBO. Additionally, it’s really important to know “How FB ads algorithm ranks your ads“.

Thank you for reading our article about this month’s FB ads strategy. Hope you found it valuable and remember PicAmaze can boost with up to 80% the engagement for your FB ads:)